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Workflow of an eCom Bot

First of all, we will start with creating an E-Com bot. Hope you’ve logged in already.

Step 1: Go to Templates

You will find this option at the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Select a Template

You will find a number of templates here for various industries. Choose the E-Com Template which best suit your requirements and click on Apply Template.

Now, choose the bot you want to apply the template to and click on confirm.

Step 4: Add Categories

You can add multiple categories in your bot. Refer here.

You can also import the categories from your system. Check how to do it here.

Step 5: Add Products

You can either directly add the products from the dashboard or import them using Excel. Refer the following:

Step 6: Publish the bot

Publish the bot and double check it!

Step 7: Integrate your Payment Gateway

You can integrate your payment gateway from the Integrations section of the bot.

Step 8: Send Telegram Notifications

To understand how to send Telegram notifications, check here.

Step 9: Set Up SMS Notification

When a user completes a conversation with the bot, notifications regarding the same can be shot through SMS. This can be done with the help of a third-party SMS service provider.

Bot owners have to buy SMS service for their business number from third-party vendors. The API key is linked to their botbaba account and when the user places an order, an SMS is shot though the service providers.

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