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How to push order data to a Google Sheet via Konnectzit?

Step 1: To Connect Konnectzit to Botababa using Webhook Open the last block in your block flow.

Step 2: Click on HTTP-Request

Step 4: Select POST & Paste the Webhook URL

Step 5: Add HttpHeaders

Content-type = application/json

Step  6: Select Body as JSON and enter #EComOrderJson#

Step 9: Click on Save & Publish the Bot.

Step 10: Go to Konnectzit & Capture Webhook Response.

Step 11: Create Google Sheet

Create a Google Sheet and Add Headers for each respective Field.

Step 12: Search google sheet

Now, drag Webhook into the workspace 

Choose trigger as Create Spread sheet Row

Choose your spreadsheet

Select the sheet where you want your data to be stored

Now to connect the Webhook Response to google sheet

Click on the Webhook Blue button once the button turns yellow  drag it to the respective blue button on the Google sheet and leave .

Similarly connect all the buttons.

Click on test and review

The google Block will show a green popup at top stating “Data Sent to Google Sheet”.

Now open your google sheet to check the data.

Its Done!

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