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How to connect Konnectzit to Botbaba

The article provides a guide to connecting the Botbaba account with KonnectzIT.

Step 1: Enter into the KonnectzIT account

Log in to the KonnectzIT account. If you are a new user of KonnectzIT, click on Get Started, and sign up for the account.

Step 2: Create a new workspace 

After logging in, create a new workspace by clicking on Create Konnectz.

Step 3: Search webhook in app

In the KonnectzIT’s app sections, search webhook.

Step 4: Drag Webhook to work-panel

Now, drag Webhook into the work panel, and copy the webhook URL to use it in the botbaba platform.

Step 5: Go to

Login to your botbaba account and go to My Chatbots. Select and open your bot.

Step 6: Select block for webhook

Select a block to which the konnectzIT need to be connected, and click on the edit button.

Step 7: Click on HTTP-Request

You’ll find this option at the top of the page.

Step 8: Paste the Webhook URL

Select POST and paste the webhook URL in Request Endpoint URL input field.

Step 9: Add HTTP Request’s Headers

Click on the Header button, it opens the HTTP Headers.
Click on “+ Add Headers”. This will open two input boxes in a row. In the first input, paste “content-type”, and in the second input box, paste “application/json”.

content-type = application/json

Step 10: Add HTTP Request’s Body

Click on the Body button, Select Body as JSON, and enter the script.


Step 11: Save and Publish

Do not forget to save the block and publish the bot.

Step 12: Click on Capture Webhook Response

Once you’ve followed all the above instructions, click on the ‘Capture Webhook Response’ button on KonnectzIT, and run the bot till the block in which you have set the webhook.

Step 13: Preview the bot

Preview the bot to check if everything is as expected.

Step 14: Data will be captured

This will complete the process of connecting Botbaba with KonnectzIT.

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