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How to connect Konnectzit to Botbaba


Step 1: Login to your KonnectzIT account.

Step 2: Create a new workspace 

After logging in, create a new workspace by clicking on Create Konnectz.

Step 3: Search the app Webhook.

Step 3: Drag Webhook

Now, drag Webhook into the workspace and copy the webhook URL to use it in the botbaba platform.

Step 4: Go to

Login to your botbaba account and go to my chatbots to select and open your bot.

Step 4: Open the last block in your block flow

Step 5: Click on HTTP-Request

You’ll find this option at the top of the page.

Step 6: Paste the Webhook URL

Select POST and paste the webhook URL in Request Endpoint URL block.

Step 7: Add HttpHeaders

content-type = application/json

Step  8: Select Body as JSON and enter script

{Script Format ??}





Step 9: Click on Save

Do not forget to save and publish.

Step 10: Click on Capture Webhook Response

Once you’ve followed all the above instructions, click on ‘Capture Webhook Response’ button on KonnectzIT.

Step 11: Preview the bot

Preview the bot to check if everything is as expected.

Step 12: Data will be captured

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