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How to push data to Pabbly Connect from botbaba?

Step 1: Sign-in or Sign Up to Pabbly Connect

Step 2: Access Pabbly Connect.

After the sign-up process, Select “Connect” then click on the “Access Now” button.

Step 2: Create New Workflow

Begin the process of creating a workflow for your automation by tapping the ‘Create New Workflow’ button.

Step 3: Name the Workflow

You can name the workflow as per your necessities and demand. Click on Create.

Step 4: Setting Trigger

After creating a workflow, you will have to select the application you want to integrate. Here we are going to select the Webhook application.

Step 5: Copy the Webhook URL

Copy the webhook URL which is appearing on the dashboard. Then, click on the “Capture Webhook Response”.

Step 6: Paste the Webhook URL in Botbaba

To connect with Pabbly, you have to paste the copied Webhook URL in your Chatbot’s Last Block and perform the steps mentioned below.

a. Click on HTTP-Request
b. POST & paste the Webhook URL in Request Endpoint URL block.

c. Add HttpHeaders ; Header = content-type & Value = application/json.
d. Select Body as JSON and Enter Script {Script Format ??}


e. Click on Save.
f. Go to Actions select Botbuilder and Publish.

Step 7: Click on Live and complete the Chat…

Data Captured!

Now use this data with other tools connected via pabbly e.g. Google Sheets, Stackby, etc.

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