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Text Input

Using the text input option ChatBots can accept text from the users. Within this option however, creators will find several options for configuring what type of text is taken in.

User Input Validation

  • Full Name- Will accept text in the form <First Name> <Last Name> (e.g. John Smith)
  • Email – Will accept text in the form [email protected]
  • Mobile – Will open telephone keyboard and accept only 10 Digit Mobile Numbers.
  • Address- Will accept multi-line input
  • Regex- For all other input validations which are not supported by default, the users can Regex to have your own text validation format. If you google Regex Examples, you will find validations for almost any type of text.

Under Keyboard type they can choose which type of keyboard pops up on the user’s screen.

  • Normal Keyboard- Regular Qwerty keyboard
  • Email Keyboard- Regular qwerty keyboard with an @ to make email typing easier
  • Telephone Keyboard- Number keypad with a few extra symbols like + and –
  • Number Keyboard- Number keypad with no symbols
  • Password Keyboard- Qwerty keyboard but characters do not show
  • Date Keyboard – Pick a date from the calendar
  • Time Keyboard – Pick a time from the clock.
  • Date-Time Keyboard – Pick Date Time together (useful for appointment setting)
  • Month Keyboard – Pick month from the calendar
  • Week Keyboard – Pick week number from the list
  • Color Picker Keyboard – Pick a color from the color wheel 
  • URL Keyboard – Regular qwerty keyboard with .com to make URL typing easier

Capitalize-Text-At option lets you configure whether words the users type are capitalised by default at certain points of the text

  • Sentence Start – The first letter of every sentence is capitalised by default
  • Word Start – The first letter of every word is capitalised by default
  • All characters – Every character is capitalised by default
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