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How to create a WhatsApp Native Ecom Bot

Step 1: Add Categories and Products on Botbaba.

How to add Categories:

How to add Products:

Step 2: Select all products then click on Actions and Select Set WhatsApp Enabled.

Step 3: Click on Actions again and Select Export: Facebook Catalog.

Step 4: Open the Excel file and Add link: for all Products in the link column.

Step 5: Save the file as a CSV file.

Step 6: Log In to your Facebook Manager and select Commerce Manager from All tools.

Step 7: Click on Add Catalogue

Step 7: Select Ecommerce and then Click on Next.

Step 8: Select Upload Product Info and Catalog Owner then click on Create.

Step 9: Click on View Catalogue.

Step 10: Click on Add Items.

Step 11: Select Data feed and then click on Next.

Step 12: Select File Upload and then click on Next.

Step 13: Click on upload file and upload your file, then click on Next.

Step 14: Select the Default Currency and click on Upload.

Step 15: Once the File is uploaded Copy the Catalog ID.

Step 16: Go to Botbaba Bot builder, Open Products Block and Select Input type WhatsApp: Products.

Step 17: Paste your Catalog ID

Step 17: Save the block and then click on Publish.

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