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How Live Chat works on botbaba?

Live Chat on botbaba makes use of Telegram.
Telegram Groups and a Telegram bot to be specific.

Why we made it using Telegram?

Because we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, there are already so many messaging apps available in the market, why to create another one from scratch when we can make the use of an existing app using their APIs.

The competition was in between Telegram and Slack.

We chose Telegram because of its simpler nature and bigger user base.

How does the integration work?

We have a botbaba Live Chat Telegram Bot which works like a bridge between our Web/WhatsApp bots and your agents on Telegram.
Any message the bot user sends to the bot on Web or WhatsApp is relayed to the telegram group and vice versa.

Currently the live chat module supports to and fro relay of these 4 types of attachments:

  1. Jpg/Png Images
  2. PDF Documents
  3. MP4 Videos
  4. MP3 Audio Files
What are the benefits of this type of integration?

We agree that it is a bit tedious to setup for a layman but the benefit it gives are far greater.


  1. No additional app to install and maintain for you as a user and us as the developers as well.
  2. Robust structure of telegram resulting in fewer bugs.
  3. You can create unlimited departments.
  4. You can create unlimited telegram groups and add unlimited Agents to those groups.
  5. You can add a manager in every group to keep an eye on the agent.
  6. You can add multiple agents to the same group. The bot visitor won’t know which agent sent the message.


  1. Can be scary for a layman to begin with but we have articles, videos and our Live Chat support to guide you.
  2. The bot visitor’s conversation with the bot ends when they connect to live chat.

Let us know if you discover any more Pros or Cons, we will make sure to add to this list.

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